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Magic Hour Entertainment is Oman’s leading film and video production agency focused on producing high quality long and short feature films, documentaries and TV Commercials, and providing clients with the most creative and efficient solutions for their all-around production requirements.

Over the years, our team has built a name for itself in the production industry of Oman, the region and beyond, due to which we have successfully co-produced projects with major international production houses from different parts of the globe.

We take care of our clients’ production needs from conceptualization, pre-production, on location shoot, to post-production, and provide foreign film productions with line production support.

The Sultanate, due to its excellent location in the Arabian Peninsula offers a variety of exquisite locations and breath-taking landscapes which have earned the country a reputation for becoming a rising global film destination and we at MHE have successfully strived in promoting that reputation to our international clientele.

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Sohail Noor


Founder and Director of Magic Hour Entertainment, Sohail Noor is an established film producer in
Oman and has executed some top-notch local and international productions. Due to his high-quality
work, immaculate work ethics and a strong network of connections, Sohail has earned himself a
reputation of being the most versatile, resourceful and efficient producer in Oman.

Junaid Shariff

Creative Director

Junaid is a co-founder and creative director at Magic Hour Entertainment. An engineer by academic
qualification and a marketing and communication expert in the realm of creativity and idea
generation by profession, nurturing the germ of thought into a fully functional product is his
passion. With an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior analysis, he is capable of deploying
the skill of marketing and communication acquired with almost two decades of experience across the
mediums from print, to audio, to audiovisual and finally digital.

Mohammed Hussain

Editor & Director

Mohammed is a multi-talented video editor with extensive experience in directing ad films, corporate
videos, TV programs, drama, and other promotional material. He has years of experience working for
TV channels in Egypt, and is capable of turning any creative idea into a visual wonder through his
skills. Besides editing and directing, he is a passionate graphics and web designer and marketing


Magic Hour Entertainment
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